Dance Guard

Dance Guard 2015 - IMG_004

The Dos Pueblos Dance Guard has experienced a great year last year under the guidance of Idonarose Orr. Focusing on dance and choreography using flags, hoops, rifles, and other props the Dance Guard adds visual style to the Marching Band performance. By drilling and performing year round the Dance Guard is expected to be a substantial visual element of the Marching Band again this year. And, just as with the other music groups at DP, it is the instructors, coaches, and parent volunteers who, along with Dance Guard Liaison Dave Almcrantz, contribute so much to making Dance Guard a reality.

Dance Guard emphasizes both fundamental and advanced techniques of modern dance and drill. Coordination and graceful body movements are taught through innovative and entertaining dance routines utilizing flags, rifles, and sabers. During the Fall Semester, the DPHS Dance Guard is integrated into the Marching Band and provide the main visual component of the field show. The group travels with the band to marching band competitions, but receive a separate score based solely on its performance in the show.

In winter semester, the Winter Guard competes on their own in an indoor circuit of competitions with recorded and performed music.