Concert Band

The Dos Pueblos Concert Band is a class that teaches many aspects of music ranging from fundamental musical techniques such as scales and articulation, to Korean folk songs and Dixieland jazz.

The typical concert band class begins with calisthenics to exercise the embouchure and to improve articulation and fingering speed. These exercises usually consist of long-tone exercises and major scales in thirds. The class then moves on to pieces of music that are played simply out of interest to the director or the students. Pieces played in recent years included: Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6, John William’s Star Wars Suite, The River of Life, Dancing at Stonehenge, and (the classic favorite of the band for the last four years) Fate of the Gods. With this broad range of music, varying from classical music, to show tunes, to modern concert music, the students are exposed to different tempos, rhythms, and musical styles that enrich their musical repertoire.

The concert band program climaxes with a series of three performances each year. The first one is held at Disneyland and incorporates both an exciting performance and an enjoyable day in the theme park. The second performance is held in the theatre at Dos Pueblos High School in collaboration with the school orchestra. The third performance is the playing of several pieces and the Pomp and Circumstance march to honor the graduating seniors at the Dos Pueblos High School graduation ceremony.

This class is held during the second semester under the conductorship of Mr. Dan Garske. Students are encouraged to play an instrument with which they are already familiar or to experiment with a new instrument such as the piccolo, tenor saxophone, tuba, or bassoon. Students of all musical experience and backgrounds are welcome. The Dos Pueblos Concert Band includes students who have played in the marching band, the jazz band, and as solo musicians, as well as those who have never before handled a musical instrument. This class provides many enjoyable and educational experiences for its students, and is the source of many treasured memories among past and present members.