Drum Line

Above, Greg Lawler with Max Davis, Wilson Geyling, Andrew Lewis, Tommy Soto and Jamie Sherwood at Heart Walk 2012.

The Drum Line is the rhythmic force of the Marching Band and is composed of the Battery and Pit. The Battery is the marching percussion section and includes Snare, Tenor Drums (Quints), Bass Drums and Cymbals. The Pit (also known as the Front Ensemble) consists of Mallet Instruments, Auxiliary Percussion, Timpani, and Electronics.

During the Fall Semester, the DPHS Drum Line is integrated into the Marching Band and learns the field show music, drill, and visuals along with the band and color guard. In winter semester, the Drum Line competes on its own in an indoor circuit of competitions.

Students are placed in the Drum Line after an audition process held in late spring of each school year. Auditions for the Winter Drum Line are held in December.

Association:  American Drum Line Association