Jazz Band Update

jazz families We are looking forward to an exciting and fun year with the kids honing their jazz and music skills and participating in performances and competitions.

· Oct. 27 @ Pismo Beach


Jazz Band Dress Code:

Men: Black Suit (Jacket and Pants), White Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, Long Skinny Black Tie, Black Socks and Black Shoes.

Women: Black Dress or Black Skirt and White Blouse (No Strapless or Spaghetti Straps), Black Stockings, Black Shoes.



Jazz Band Dates:

Oct. 27 Jubilee By the Sea Jazz Festival Event Performance Pismo Beach
Dec 19 DPHS Winter Concert Event Performance DPHS PAC
Feb 23 Central Coast Jazz Festival Competition Cuesta College in SLO
Mar 2 DPHS Jazz Festival Host Competition DPHS PAC
Mar 16 Newbury Park Jazz Festival Competition Newbury Park
Mar 24 Basin Street Regulars Jazz Club Event Performance Pismo Beach
Apr 25-28 Reno Jazz Festival Competition Reno, Nevada
May 11 SBHS Jazz Festival Competition SBHS
May 14 DPHS Spring Concert Event Performance DPHS PAC